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G. Steve Hirst

135 Bowling Green Places

Iowa City, Iowa, 52245
(319) 621-0944

Career objectives

To participate in the application of computer and web technology to instruction.


Experienced Software Development Manager with expertise in:
  • managing teams of developers (varying in size from six to twenty four).
  • hiring more than fifty developers, eight of whom became software project managers under my guidance.
  • introducing advanced development methodolgies such as UML design tools, continuous integration, automated code reviews.
  • training people in peer inspection, PSP, design principles.
  • coaching developers in unit testing, Java and C++ coding.
  • authoring organizational standards for peer review and design.


University of Iowa,College of Liberal Arts, Iowa City, Iowa

Masters of Science in Computer Science, 1989

Masters of Science in Political Science, 1974

Bradley University,College of Liberal Arts, Peoria Illinois

Bachelor's in Political Science, 1971

2002-2003 Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Personal Software Process for Engineers

Personal Software Process Instructor Training

Team Software Process Launch Coach Training

Work History

September 1994 to Present

NCS Pearson, Iowa City, Iowa, Educational Measurement Services

Manager, Software Engineering , January 2003-Present
  • Manage development of reports for web-based testing projects
  • manage hosting support for Electronic Testing
  • support software engineering practice improvements.
Manager, New Product Development , May 1997-January 2003
  • Managed implementation of Mentor product - CD software for teacher staff development.
  • Managed creation of ePEN - web-based work management system for scoring open-ended questions.
  • Managed Anapollis R&D project - prototype system for image-based processing of optical mark documents.
  • Managed Robogrid - project to automate creation of test decks for OMR scan programs.
Principal Programmer, New Product Development , September 1994-May 1997
  • Worked with customer focus groups to design interface for Mentor
  • Designed and lead implementation effort for Mentor
  • Worked with pilot customers to refine Mentor
June 1980 to September 1994

CONDUIT, Iowa City, non-profit publisher of educational software

Manager Research and Development, January 1987-September 1994. Worked with faculty to design and develop new educational applications; served as co-investigator on NSF and FiPSE funded projects. Contributed to FIPSE Technology Study Group report, Ivory Towers, Silicon Basements (1988)

Software Developer June 1980-January 1987. Implemented and converted educational software.


Proficient programmer in Java, C++, PHP, SQL, Haskell. Experienced with Object Oriented Design with UML and Booch Notation. SEI Authorized PSP trainer, SEI Authorized TSP Launch Coach.
Developed and maintained web applications implemented in: Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000/NT; Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL; Java servlets, JSP, ASP and PHP. Worked with J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) technologies: JMS, JMX, EJP, JAXP, JNI, JNDI.

Professional Affiliations

Association for Computing Machinery, IEEE Computing, TSP Users Group

Outside Activies

Volunteer at Johnson County Crisis Center-1991 to Present; Board of Directors member-1998-2002; Chairman of Board of Directors 2001-2002
Founding participant in Wasteflake Project ( September 2003-Present