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This page is a place for me to record phrases which have caught my attention. Years ago people published books of epigrams including quotations, short observations, bits of doggerel; these books provided a view of the author’s internal life. favorite of mine is Elbert Hubbard’s Scrapbook. This will be my book of epigrams.
The juxaposition of the following statements about flies struck me as interesting. I’ve collected the following lines from Rex Stouts Nero Wolfe stories. The following is a personal little project which probably qualifies as profoundly nerdy: buddha.xml.'
Lord Byron
I am ashes where once i was fire
and the bard in my bosom is dead;
what I loved I now merely admire
and my heart is as gray as my head.
Michael Pollan
Memory is the enemy of wonder.
This Dewdrop world
 dewdrop world it is, and still,
Although it is...

The world is dew
The world is dew
and yet,
And yet...
Samuel Beckett
Personally of course I regret everything, Not a hope, not a fear, not a smile, not a tear, not a name, not a face, no time, no place, that I do not regret exceedingly.
Samuel Beckett
All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.
Samuel Beckett
For I was beginning to lose all sense of measure, after all this wrestling and wrangling, and to say, All or nothing. And if I was tempted for an instant to establish a more equitable proportion between my stones and pockets by reducing the former to the number of the latter, it was only for an instant. For it would have been an admission of defeat. And sitting on the shore, before the sea, the sixteen stones spread out before my eyes, I gazed at them in anger and perplexity. For just as I had difficulty sitting on a chair, or in an arm-chair, because of my stiff leg you understand, so I had none in sitting on the ground, because of my stiff leg and my stiffening leg, for it was about this time that my good leg, good in the sense that it was not stiff, began to stiffen. I needed a prop under the ham you understand, and even under the whole length of the leg, and the prop of the earth. And while I gazed thus at my stones, revolving interminable martingales all equally defective, and crushing handfuls of sand, so that the sand ran through my fingers and back to the strand, yes, while thus I lulled my mind and part of my body, one day suddenly it dawned on the former, dimly, that I might perhaps achieve my purpose without increasing the number of my pockets, or reducing the number of my stones, but simply by sacrificing the principle of trim. The meaning of this illumination, which suddenly began to sing within me, like a verse of Isaiah or of Jeremiah, I did not penetrate at once, and notably the word trim. which I had never met with, in this sense, long remained obscure.