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Welcome, this page is Steve Hirst’s homepage and a place for HirstLogics to host experimental sites introducing new technologies and designs to our offerings. The pages reflect several interests of mine.
The Wasteflake Project is a wiki for collaboration on topics in science and the humanities. Read the What is a Wiki Page to get a sense of our goals. There also is a story about a man going through big changes The Man Who Wants to be a Wolf. Read what is there and contribute your own two bits.
I am interested in the creation and maintaince of software plans In particular, you can visit the current plan for the experimental site itself. I worked in instructional software for many years and still have an interest in Web-Based Instruction. For fun, I have a collection of quotations and where would we be without limericks.
In December of 2002, I posted up version 3.0 of this site. The most important change is that the site is now built from source in the form of m4 marcos. The about page documents both my intentions and some of the implementation details.
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Steve Hirst